We have had many requests for donations of buttons for groups making ear protectors for vulnerable workers. In response to this we have sorted out some of our odd/end of line/seconds buttons and put into packs of 20 which are available here on a first come first served basis. All that we ask is that you pay the postage costs and only order if you are making free ear protectors for our vulnerable key workers in care homes, hospitals, supermarkets and schools.

free buttons

Wearing masks all day every day can cause chaffing behind the ears and ear protectors do a lot to relieve this. The ear protector rests across the back of the head and instead of hooking the mask elastic around the ears, it is hooked around a button on each end of the ear protector. This effectively relieves any pressure from behind the ears and prevents the mask elastic from rubbing this sensitive area.

DIY ear protector

The buttons we are offering range in size from 15-28mm and there will be a mix of colours/sizes in each pack. We will try and include 10 matching pairs of buttons in each of the packs, however we cannot guarantee this. The button packs are available in our online shop.

As this is a free product, we are limiting these to one per customer and we do only have a limited number of buttons that we are able to offer in this way.

Hope this helps in some way and thank you for your continuing support throughout this difficult time.

Lesley and Ashley xx